Ara Kimbo sings of Indigenous aspirations and struggles, while wearing traditional Paiwan costume.  Image processed by Google DeepDream software. Original image © Green Team 1989.


COMPOST launch

    • , 16:00-18:00
  • Online


This Fall 2021, the ICA at NYU Shanghai launches COMPOST, an experimental publishing platform and online residency to be cultivated as a "living publication" for Another Knowledge Is Possible, the ICA's 2021-23 artistic research program.  

Join the inaugural COMPOST editor-in-residence Zian Chen, and guests GONG Jow Jiun, May Adadol Ingawanij, and SHEN Kun Xian, in a sharing of methodologies and short videos, while discussing the social impact of publications, Indigeneity in contemporary art, Sinophone media, and Third Cinema films. 

In Chinese and English (with simultaneous interpretation).

Registration is required for all events. 

In conjunction with Do Rocks Listen? an exhibition by Karrabing Film Collective 

Do Rocks Listen? an exhibition by Karrabing Film Collective and related events are presented as the first season of Another Knowledge Is Possible (2021-23), a biennial artistic research program organized by the ICA at NYU Shanghai. From Fall 2021 through Spring 2023, the ICA will explore other knowledges that have been neglected or repressed and ask if it is possible for a deep decolonization of thought to reclaim these ways of knowing?

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