Guan Xiao, Din Din Jaarhh, 2015. Mixed Media. Courtesy of the artist and Antenna Space.


Guan Xiao, Din Din Jaarhh, 2015

ROOM 100 - Study Session 2

    • , 12:30-13:30
  • Gallery


A university art museum was once primarily the caretaker of the school’s “study collection.” As a central part of a teaching museum, the study collection offered students, faculty, and other researchers an opportunity to observe physical artifacts and art objects in close proximity and to link such observations to abstract ideas and concepts. Though NYU Shanghai currently lacks a study collection, ROOM 100 re-conceives the city of Shanghai as a resource and presents a series of objects, lent by artists, commercial galleries, a collector, and a museum, for open study.


The second art object in this series will be introduced by Michelle Hyun, Director/Curator of the NYU Shanghai Art Gallery.

GUAN Xiao, Din Din Jaarhh, 2015. 
Brass, car wheel, robe, resin; 115 x 40 x 78 cm. 
Courtesy of the artist and Antenna Space.


Similar to many of Guan Xiao’s video montages, the yellow-greenish sculpture Din Din Jaarhh is another collage of conceptually polarized things. Made of bronze, resin, a car rim, and rope, while bearing a resemblance to the texture of traditional Chinese root-carving artworks and the form of mythical creatures, it is within Guan's repertoire of animal or plant-shaped sculptures made of industrial materials and readymades, reminding the audience of the potential of interchangeability between the natural and man-made, living and lifeless, local/site-specific and ubiquitous. 


Objects available for viewing 14 March- 5 April.


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