Art Gallery Opening Reception & Qin Feng Solo Exhibition. NYU Shanghai Art Gallery, 25 October 2015.


Ode to Dancing Ink

NYU Shanghai Art Gallery

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A solo exhibition of QIN Feng’s recent works will open on Oct. 25, 2015 at 4:30 pm at the NYU Shanghai Art Gallery. This exhibition, which marks the official opening of the university’s art gallery program, will include paintings, installations, and interactive art.


During the opening of the show, some will not only view the art, but also participate in its creation. Qin Feng will work with a number of NYU Shanghai students, staff, faculty, and a group of invited professional musicians to collaborate on creating a 10-meter long scroll, chronicling each participant’s heartfelt memory of a past birthday. Each will choose his/her own medium to contribute, using either words, drawings, paintings, lyrics, or melodies.


LIN Qian, the director of the NYU Shanghai Art Gallery, expressed: "The NYU Shanghai Art Gallery aims to provide a platform for showcasing talented native artists; it will also rely on the many international resources to introduce international art to China, serving as the stage for cross cultural exchanges and dialogues. Just in New York, there are 17 galleries at NYU, periodically presenting exhibitions and academic exchanges, enriching the university’s artistic and cultural environment and inspiring creativity. The NYU Shanghai Art Gallery hopes to carry on this NYU tradition and contribute to the intellectual vibrancy of our university and of our city. "


Ahead of the opening, Vice Chancellor of NYU Shanghai Jeff Lehman said: "We are so pleased to present Qin Feng’s works. The ability to create something that did not exist before -- is a quality that crosses boundaries. The spark that leads to innovation in the world of art is the same spark that leads to innovation in science, business, or forms of social organization." Commenting on the university’s new art gallery program, Lehman added "The world's greatest universities recognize this. They find ways to stimulate their students' creativity in all its multidimensional complexity. Art galleries and museums are an essential part of that, as they offer an outstanding example of the work of people who have successfully invested their energies in the innovative process: first by mastering a craft in its existing form, and then by varying that art to reflect their own ideas in an authentic and original way."


This exhibition was presented by the NYU Shanghai Art Gallery antecedent (2015-17) to the ICA at NYU Shanghai.




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