Jingyunli No. 7, February 2019. PHOTO: Cheng Shaochan.   


What Can Art Do?

ROOM 100 - Foundations & Topics 2

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51 Personae: The Story of Jingyunli No. 7
A talk by CHEN Yun

Jingyunli No. 7, a three-story traditional Shanghai Shikumen house, and its owner and inhabitant, Ms. CHENG, entered into our field of vision through 51 Personae, a 17-week-long art project with 51 events that happened throughout the city in the winter of 2016-17. In recalling the story of Jingyunli No. 7 since the summer of 2016, through its intersection with an art project of spectacular and local dimensions, and following this exchange, we may understand the complicated dimensions of the individual experience during dramatic social, urban, and cultural transformations of the city of Shanghai and how an art project like 51 Personae interpellates the individual amidst such processes.

The talk will be followed by a conversation with independent art historian Julie Chun.

Light refreshments will be served.

Foundations & Topics 2 is a program of ROOM 100, the Spring 2019 project of the NYU Shanghai Art Gallery.

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