Billboard advertisement for “The History of Chinese Contemporary Art: 40 Years?" exhibition at the Powerlong Museum, Shanghai, 2018.  PHOTO: Mia Yu.


When Is Contemporary Art?

ROOM 100 - Foundations & Topics 3

    • , 17:00-19:00
  • Gallery


A conversation by Karen Smith and Mia Yu, with Christopher Wood


The term “contemporary” is the last in a line of terms for whatever form of art describes the self-determined vanguard of the moment, which seeks relevance to now, but also to the future, which is less easily self-determined.  Moreover, the question of the contemporary cannot be properly addressed without a firm idea of what was at stake in the “modern.” Mia Yu and Karen Smith propose case studies to ask further: Could a plural understanding of modernity provides us with a more nuanced approach to the global contemporary?  Is the point that contemporary is not when we say it is, but what the future decides?


Their presentations will be followed by a conversation moderated by Christopher Wood.


Light refreshments will be served.


Foundations & Topics 3 is a program of ROOM 100, the Spring 2019 project of the NYU Shanghai Art Gallery.

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