The ICA at NYU Shanghai is a place for sharing ideas through art.

ROOM 100 opening reception & Study Session 1 with Duan Yingmei. NYU Shanghai Art Gallery, 21 February 2019. PHOTO: Yang Hanshuang. 



The Institute of Contemporary Arts at NYU Shanghai is a non-profit kunsthalle and research center committed to the development, presentation, and exchange of diverse ideas through contemporary arts.

Our commitment aligns with the mission of NYU Shanghai, dedicated to education, research, and public service, and is based on a core belief that engagement with art engenders critical thought, creativity, and openness to complexity, across disciplines and society and in everyday life.

Every two years, together with artists and our surrounding communities, the ICA at NYU Shanghai pursues thematic inquiries through public exhibitions, events, and publications that experiment with ways of knowing, being, and relating to ourselves and the world.



In our first five years (2019-24), our vision for the ICA at NYU Shanghai is “Instituting an Institute," which draws inspiration from the dual meaning of the word “institute” as both a verb and a noun.  In this truly exciting moment for the ICA at NYU Shanghai, we have the opportunity not only to make something new, but to also experiment with the form and the means of making an institution.

By “instituting an institute,” the ICA at NYU Shanghai seeks to: 

  • initiate a distinct and unique model of transdisciplinary research-oriented arts programming within mainland China;
  • invert the dominant logic of “museum building” by first cohering institutional infrastructure and a legacy of programs over time; 
  • support the ongoing mission of NYU Shanghai to educate, research, and serve our publics.

By naming “contemporary arts” as our object of institution, the ICA at NYU Shanghai believes in:

  • learning from artists who live and work in our shared time, but who also invent new tools with which to examine the past and imagine our future;
  • modeling the reflexivity and plurality of art being made today, which collaborates with a variety of disciplines, objects, and materials;
  • advancing image and object-based forms of exhibitions (as well as logo-centric forms of public programs and publications) as a mode of research.



Founded in 2012 by New York University and East China Normal University, NYU Shanghai is China’s first Sino-US research university.  Three years later, the NYU Shanghai Art Gallery was established as one of the few university-affiliated art institutions in China to focus on contemporary art.  Though the Gallery began with a modest space and nascent parent institution, its program was nevertheless ambitious and presented work by a broad range of artists.  Following the departure of founding director LIN Qian, the Gallery went into a two-year hiatus.  

In 2019, the university art gallery of NYU Shanghai reopened to the public with a new mission and reinvigorated vision as the Institute of Contemporary Arts at NYU Shanghai.  The ICA at NYU Shanghai builds upon the earlier ambitions of the Gallery, while expanding our aims to emphasize experimentation, to further understand art and exhibition-making as a form of research, and to learn from artists living and working today.  



Michelle Yeonho Hyun 

Zhu Sicong
Assistant Curator

Bao Yang
Curatorial Assistant

Spring 2022 Interns:
Wang Danni
Wang Yuezhan 

Spring 2022 Research and Gallery Assistant:
Zong Jingtian 

Spring 2022 Gallery Assistants:
Chen Jiuyu
Li Yang
Lin Dianyu
Liu Yujia
Yang Xinzhen
Zhu Yanlin

For public relations and media inquiries:
+86 21 2059 5035




Advanced students interested in gaining deeper experience in the operation and programming of a university-affiliated arts institution are invited to apply for internships for Fall, Spring, and Summer seasons. For further information and to apply online, follow NYU Shanghai’s official recruitment WeChat “上海纽约大学员工招聘” and select “加入我们” at the bottom left corner, then select “实习机会” and follow the instructions to apply through

Student Workers

NYU Shanghai students, or NYU New York and NYU Abu Dhabi students studying away in Shanghai, interested in gaining introductory experience in the field of art are invited to apply for various student worker positions during Fall and Spring seasons.  For further information and to apply online, visit Handshake and search for “Institute of Contemporary Arts at NYU Shanghai”. 

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