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Welcome back! This Fall 2022 season, we re-open the exhibition Close Your Eyes and You Will Know by Yin-Ju Chen and Li-Chun Lin (Marina) and are hosting a long-awaited artist talk by Yin-Ju Chen.  Due to the Omicron outbreak and lockdown in Shanghai this past spring, our originally scheduled exhibition was closed much too early... But we carried on with a lively program of workshops and talks by the artists and guests online -- video documents of which are now available for viewing!

Oracles harvested from this past spring resulted in a surprising inversion, from which the artists are now exploring the potential of more-than-human collective intelligence, including AI.  As one oracle portends a future that became our present, another compels us to consider how “our” future is shared... See you soon!

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Close Your Eyes and You Will Know (cont.)
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